ABBI Scholarship

Our Achieving Beyond Brain Injury Scholarship Fund is open to all pediatric stroke and other acquired brain injury survivors who are pursuing their passion in post-secondary education. This is a one-time scholarship for students entering or already enrolled in a Canadian College or University program who have suffered pediatric stroke or other acquired brain injury before the age of 18. 

Simply download the application form and send along with the following documentation for consideration. 

  • Proof of Canadian Residency 
  • Proof of enrollment in any post secondary program at any Canadian College or University 
  • Medical documentation to support claim of pediatric stroke or any other life threatening acquired brain injury  
  • Minimum of 500 word essay or short video submission sharing your story, detailing Pediatric Stroke/Brain Injury Awareness efforts and contribution to your community 

Please print or download a copy of this PDF to fill out and submit to, along with the requested details.

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